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SwimSRQ Class Levels

Our Parent & Me classes start at 4M and go through 36M

Beginner 1 & up are small group classes for kids age 3+

Private Lessons are also an option for all ages

baby fish

Baby Fish

SwimSRQ's Baby Fish program begins at 2 months and continues until children turn 5 months old.  This class is free (only charge is a one time registration fee that includes a Happy Nappy swim diaper).   Babies are acclimated to the water and begin to learn important body positions and breath control techniques.  This is a wonderful bonding activity!

 Click here to sign up at Sarasota Sports Club.

little fish
ages 5M & up

Little Fish

SwimSRQ's Parent & Me program begins at 5 months and continues until children turn 3. Within this time period, parents are present in the water, guiding children in learning skills such as floating on back, breath control and finding the wall. Teaching basic water comfort, swimming foundations, and safety techniques forms the core of these early lessons. Little Fish lessons are not only a wonderful bonding activity, but provide parents with tools to further their child's swimming abilities at home. Classes are divided into 2 groups by age. Student to Instructor ratio is 6:1.

 Click here to sign up at Sarasota Sports Club.


Beginner 1

Beginner 1 classes are for kids with no prior lesson experience or for those who have had exposure to the water but will not willingly submerge / put their face in the water. 

 Student / Instructor ratio is 3:1.  Children will learn water safety basics, establish a level of comfort in the water, and begin learning the 2 most important fundamentals of swimming: body position and breathing. 


Beginner 2

Beginner 2 classes are for kids with prior lesson experience and a basic level of comfort in the water.  Children will continue to build on water safety skills, kicking, and independent propulsion. Kids entering this class should be comfortable with their face in the water.

Student / Instructor ratio is 3:1. 


Begintermediate classes are for children who have experience in a lesson setting or have had exposure to swimming in a home pool setting.  Children entering this class should be able to swim, take a breath, and comtinue swimming and be able to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool.  These classes will have a large emphasis on breathing and introduce freestyle and backstroke kicking. Age range will vary and we will do our best to group children based on age. Student / Instructor ratio is 3:1.



Intermediate 1

Intermediate 1 classes build on fundamentals and will focus on freestyle and backstroke, with a strong emphasis on kicking. Children entering this class should be able to swim 25 yards freestyle.  Age range will vary and we will do our best to group children based on age. Student / Instructor ratio is 4:1.


Intermediate 2

Intermediate 2 classes are for children who have knowledge of and can perform  freestyle and backstroke.    Students will be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly and continue to refine freestyle and backstroke.   Student / Instructor ratio is 5:1.



We offer lessons to adults of all ability levels.  Whether you are an elite triathlete looking to improve your swimming, or someone looking to get into swimming as a form of exercise, we are here to help!  1:1 private lessons are typically 30 minutes in length and are tailored specifically to your swimming goals.

30 min lessons are $55.

Please email to inquire about adult lesson availablity. 

swim team

Swim Team

The swim team is a fun group opportunity for children  who want to make swimming a bigger part of their weekly routine, but are not interested in competitive swimming (at this time). We will teach & refine all four strokes and diving!  Swim team practices are 45-55 minutes and are offered several times per week. Before joining swim team, children should be able to swim 25 yards of backstroke and freestyle independently, and have basic understanding of butterfly and breaststroke. If you aren’t sure whether your child is ready, please contact us for a free evaluation.  

Attendance is not mandatory, but our hope is that offering multiple  practices per week provides flexibility and options, and we encourage kids to swim as often as possible. 

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