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Baby Swim Classes In Sarasota!

SwimSRQ is pleased to announce that we are now offering Baby swim classes in Sarasota, FL!

Our very own Little Fish loving the water as he swims with his mom.

Our Little Fish Program (Parent/me) starts at 4 months old and continues through 36 months of age.  The structure of the Little Fish program allows children to become acclimated to the water with the safety, comfort, and familiarity of having a parent with them.  This helps foster a love of the water that sets a child up for success when they enter regular swim lessons and swim classes at our Beginner levels.

The research and benefits of Baby Swimming are well documented  Kids that start swimming at an early age have many benefits and advantages.  Among them:

-Increased Cognitive Skills

-Improved Quality of Sleep

-Social and Emotional Bonding

-Great for Health and Development of a Growing Body

-Learning of a Life Skill that could save their life one day!

Classes are based off of the child's age and SwimSRQ’s offers 3 Levels of classes:

-Ages 4-12 Months

-Ages 12-24 Months

-Ages 24-36 Months

All classes are currently held at our HealthFit location, which is a beautiful facility just off of Clark Road in Sarasota, FL (Close to I-75).  The water temperature is consistently between 92-94 degrees Fahrenheit.

We are thrilled to be able to offer Baby Swim Classes to the SRQ Community to help with our mission of equipping Sarasota children with complete water safety, joy, and self confidence in and around the water.

To view our schedule and sign up for a Little Fish (Baby Swim) class, go here:

Cute Little Fish Swimming at one of our 2 Sarasota, Florida locations.

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