General Policies

We do not have specific class sessions, therefore classes do not end automatically, and kids will be able to learn and progress at their own pace until they move up to the next class level.  In the case that the class members seem to be progressing at the same rate, the instructor may upgrade the class to the next level, while keeping the time and day the same.  It is more likely, however, that kids will progress at different rates and move up to a new level which may be on a different time / day.  The Deck Supervisor will notify parents / guardians in person of via e-mail when this transition needs to occur to get your child set up in the next class.

Questions & Concerns - For pupil concerns and questions please reach out to your Deck Supervisor or our staff at Teachers must not be disturbed or interrupted at the poolside.

Swimwear - We recommend snug fitting, but unrestrictive swimwear that allows ease of motion in the water.

Diapers - All children under the age of 3, and any children who are not potty-trained, must wear swim diapers in the water. Diapers must be snug around the hips & thighs. 

Restrooms are available at the pool, and we encourage you to utilize them before your child begins his/her lesson. Your child should be dressed and ready for lessons 5 minutes before class begins. Please check in with the deck supervisor when you arrive to your lesson.

In the event your regular teacher is ill or out, SwimSRQ will organize a substitute teacher for the lesson. SwimSRQ does not issue a class credit when there is a substitute teacher.

Safety First

Please remain at the pool for the duration of your child’s lesson in case they need to use the bathroom. Outside of their class, all children are the sole responsibility of the parent or caregiver.


Absolutely no running, fighting, shouting or horseplay is allowed before during or after your child’s lesson.  We share this pool with other organizations, and it is essential that all patrons respect the pool and other classes taking place.

If your child is feeling under the weather, specifically experiencing a fever or a contagious illness, please be considerate of others by keeping your child home from lessons for a minimum of 48 hours. If they have had diarrhea within the past two weeks, please do not bring them to the pool.

Please make certain your child has removed all bandages prior to class. If your child has an open cut or other wound, he/she may not be admitted to class.

Please let students from previous classes get out of the pool before getting in the water.

Your child should never enter the pool until your teacher is in the water and ready for the next class.

Discontinuation of Enrollment

To discontinue classes, SwimSRQ requires 14 days written notice, via email, to: 

This serves to protect families so they can show date of discontinuation request, as monthly billing is directly linked to discontinuation request date.  Without proof of discontinuation in email, credits/refunds will not be given.

Missed Classes & Make Up Policy

We allow one makeup per month. Makeup tokens are automatically generated upon absence from a class. Tokens may be redeemed in exchange for a makeup class via the Parent Portal.  Tokens expire 30 days after issuance. We do not offer refunds for missed classes.


Sibling discounts (10% for second child, 1and each child thereafter) are offered for families with multiple kids enrolled in classes.  We also offer 20% discounts for a second (third, etc) weekly class. 

If a credit card is declined, an email will be sent by SwimSRQ to the parent, requesting an update of credit card.  Failure to update a card in a timely manner, i.e. by the next billing cycle, will result in a $25 late fee and cancellation of lessons.  

Inclement Weather 

It is the sole right of SwimSRQ to cancel lessons due to inclement weather. We will make every effort to determine the status of lessons as early as possible in the day, based on available hourly forecasts.

SwimSRQ will text and email all affected families should lessons be cancelled - we will do our absolute best to cancel at least 30 minutes before the scheduled class.

This being said, we will do our absolute best to notify you via text / e-mail of any cancellations due to weather with at least 30 minutes notice. If a class is cancelled due to lightning, we will issue makeup tokens that can be used toward another class, or you have the option to receive a credit toward your tuition. 


Unplanned Pool Closures

Unforeseen closures of pools do happen, due to incorrect chemical levels, temperature fluctuations, accidental fecal accidents etc.  When these occur, we text and call families as soon as possible to notify them that classes are canceled for the day.  A credit is issued to each affected family.  There are no make-ups for these unplanned closures.

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